Baking My Empire

 Baking with my mother as a child are some of my fondest memories. Chocolate chip cookies for a snack, quick mix spritz decorated with sugar for Christmas, fudge for Easter, and birthday cakes; my Mom made baking fun and special. However, I followed my father's footsteps and pursued a career in the construction industry. I worked in sales, purchasing, operations, marketing, and even a bit of IT. I learned so much with each new position I was put into, but I would never achieve my dream of running a business in this industry.

For years I baked at Christmas time and gave away desserts as gifts to all of my friends. This gave me chances to try out new recipes and designs, and I am pretty sure everyone looked forward to their gift each year. In 2018 my daughter wanted sugar cookies and then it happened my trusty stand mixer died and I had to borrow my Mom’s. She had one of those fancy Kitchen Aid stand mixers and dang that made it so much easier! So much that I finally fell in love making those decorated sugar cookies I wanted to make more! I asked to borrow my Mom’s mixer again so I could make Valentine’s cookies and my parents gave me the best gift, my own Kitchen Aid mixer. 

 That was all it took for me to make sugar cookies. After Valentine’s day I was going to a baby shower for a dear friend, so I decided to make a cookie bouquet to go along with my gift. It was there that people told me I should start selling these cookies. I laughed and took it is a compliment, but never in my wildest imagination did I believe it could be a business. 

 Enter a Facebook Live by a friend that my daughter wanted to watch. It was only one line but it changed my life forever; “find something you are passionate about and do it!” I could not stop thinking about that, wondering if I really could make a couple extra dollars baking cookies. 

 So on March 3, 2019 I launched my Facebook page The Artisan Conjurer. My goal was to have a few followers and maybe get to make a couple orders a month. I got my first order in less than a week of “being in business” and was so excited. Fast forward to January of 2022; I went part time at my big girl job to focus more on the bakery and my clients.

My passion is more than just baking. To me, providing delicious desserts that celebrate alongside my clients special events and helps makes memories bring a smile to my heart.

Baked With Love


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